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     I thought I heard the proverbial sound of a computer hand shake. Won't you enter our humble "toledoPCUG" web site and make yourself at home. In fact that is where you are now at "home page". Look around. We have graphics on the wall. We'll try to take away some of the mystery so that you know who we are.

     The Toledo PC Users Group was formed in early 1984 and is the only club in the Toledo Area oriented toward users of IBM-PC–compatible computers. We are indebted to  Jim  Dunmyer, who launched TBBS operation running a Radio Shack, Model III, a VR Data 10 meg hard drive, and a Courier 2400bps Modem. Also had a pair of outboard floppy drives, one an 80-track DSDD that held 760 K of Data (pictured).

    Jim and his fellow visionaries organized this Group that has spanned nearly two decades. We are the richer for their vision and years of dedication. It is our hope that as surf the web site, kick the tires, look in the closet, and give us the "white glove" inspection that you would like to become a part of the Group

We are affiliated with the Association of PC Users' Groups.
This gives us the benefit of eyes and ears and mouths beyond the local Group and helps us navigate the vast cyber seas that are beyond North West Ohio and South East Michigan—the Greater Toledo Area.

Statement of Intent:
     "The Toledo PC Users Group is a not-for-profit corporation, formed to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information regarding the use and enjoyment of personal computers."  — The By-Laws

We would like for you to meet our Web Master and the Associate Web Master, Mr. I. M. a'Bear and Mr. I. M. a'Bear, Jr.

We want to welcome Miss. Angel Bear,
who is interning as a future Web Master or is that Web Mistress.

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